Organic Cotton & Bamboo Baby

This gorgeous bamboo, and organic cotton, baby & toddler clothing and accessories, by ettitude, is perfect for parents who, not only believe in dressing their children beautifully, but believe in taking care of the environment.

Grown using organic farming practices, without toxic chemicals, the organic methods of agriculture used for our bamboo and cotton, are inherently better for our bodies, our family, our homes, our planet and for future generations.

The clothes are made with love to bring you the best for your precious children. They are incredibly soft and super absorbent yet breathable– the healthiest choice for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Additionally, you'll find the collection of unique baby & toddler clothes are not only soft and comfortable for your baby, but extremely durable. Each item is tight knit, stronger, and more durable than many of the main stream brands you'll find in stores today.

Since it is the healthiest choice beside a baby’s skin, we always offer untreated, unbleached, undyed fabric for each of our styles.  For stylish colours, we specify only safe, metal-free low impact Oeko-Tex Standard 100 dyes.

Each piece uses the softest, most natural materials to clothes your child in, the highest quality design and construction, the most functional details, the most ethical production and most importantly, the hope of a cleaner, kinder earth.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

The organic cotton baby & toddler clothing is super soft and carries IMO (Institude for Marketecology) and Oeko-tex 100 certification. Organic cotton is thicker, softer and longer lasting than conventional cotton that has been chemically processed. The collection redesigns the essential basic items in 100% organic cotton to be modern, practical, stylish, low-maintenance, durable and (often) multi-functional.

Bamboo Baby Clothing

Bamboo baby & toddler clothing is so silky soft, highly breathable, ultra absorbent and hypoallergenic. Bamboo fibre is naturally round and smooth therefore it will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Bamboo is the earth’s most sustainable plant, needs no replanting and is grown without the use of harmful fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Our raw bamboo is organically grown and carries OCIA (The Organic Crop Improvement Association) certification. Our bamboo fibre is also in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.

The bamboo in this collection is farmed and FSC certified. There is also Oeko-Tex 100 certification for the finished bamboo fabric, this ensures that the fabric has been tested for over 100 harmful chemicals, there is no residue of harmful chemicals and is safe for your baby.

WinC | Wrap In Cotton

We at WinC strive to give you the best possible service when you access our product range. Much of our product is made in Australia to the highest standards. If our range available on the website is not the correct size or colour, simply email or ring us and we will give you a quote for your custom made needs. Our range of product is continuing to grow and change due to demand but, our primary focus is on service. So, if you have a problem that we can help with, give us a call. In a world of impersonal Internet, we pride ourselves on our personal service.

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