At WinC we have developed a sticker range that allows you to demonstrate the same pride in your family as the rest of the world. These stickers are suitable for car, folders, fridges and any other surface you wish to place them on. This range will continue to develop and grow with the market. Display your support for the LGBT community by proudly displaying these in your business, on shop fronts and your car windows.

Another exciting product at 'PinC'@WinC is our hand printed pillow slips. These quality pillow slips come in a choice of prints that again allow you to celebrate the unique quality of your relationship. Coose between HE/HE, SHE/SHE, HIS/HIS, HERS/HERS and so on. Both our pillow slips and our sticker range are manufactured in Australia.


WinC | Wrap In Cotton

We at WinC strive to give you the best possible service when you access our product range. Much of our product is made in Australia to the highest standards. If our range available on the website is not the correct size or colour, simply email or ring us and we will give you a quote for your custom made needs. Our range of product is continuing to grow and change due to demand but, our primary focus is on service. So, if you have a problem that we can help with, give us a call. In a world of impersonal Internet, we pride ourselves on our personal service.

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